My Very First App

My Very First App 2.0.0

The wonderful world of Eric Carle comes to iPhone


  • Delightful artwork
  • Three different difficulty levels
  • Childproof interface


  • Games lack variety
  • No animation


My Very First App is a series of educational games based on Eric Carle's best-selling My Very First Books.

The app contains three games, related to three levels of difficulty. The Easy level in My Very First App is aimed at 1-3 year-olds, and consists of identifying the color of an object by dragging and sliding an object panel and a color panel.

The Medium and Hard levels of My Very First App are matching pairs games targeted at kids of two years-old and upwards. The medium one has eight different colors to match, and the harder challenges them to match has ten different colors and symbols.

Eric's Carle's artwork in My Very First App is as brilliant as always, and the vivid colors really come to life when viewed on a Retina display, or on the iPad. In fact, it's easy to forget you're not looking at a book at times. The soft music and soft voice of the lady who reads out the names of the objects and colors make this perfectly presented for a preschooler. So too, does My Very First App's 'tap & hold' user interface, which ensures that little ones don't make the wrong choice.

Despite its excellent presentation, I'm afraid that many children won't find the gameplay of My Very First App stimulating for very long. Games lack variety and don't last for very long, and combined with a lack of animations, this could mean kids qiockly get bored of My Very First App.

If your children are fans of Eric Carle's books it's worth downloading My Very First App. Just don't expect it to keep them quiet for too long!

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My Very First App


My Very First App 2.0.0

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